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With nearly 20 years of experience as a metal foundry, Yaqi Casting is committed to providing a reliable one-stop service of custom iron castings, reasonable prices and good customer relationships. We export high-quality casting parts, including auto parts, railway track parts, vibration exciter parts, pump and valve parts, construction machinery parts, as well as mechanical and electrical parts to more than 20 countries and have become the main metal casting supplier for such manufacturers as ABS, Sulzer, Cummins, Rotork, and Plattco. We are always looking to expand our foundry equipment and sand castings by working with customers to provide effective metal casting solutions for today’s market. Please contact us with any questions or customized orders.Read more

Main Products
  • Capability
    1. YAQI is a metal foundry with approx. two decades of experience in metal casting industry.

  • Casting and Molding
    1. We complete all casting procedures in-house, which enables us to perform quality controls and inspections conveniently.

  • Partners
    1. Over the past 17 years, we have exported our custom sand castings, mainly machined castings.

Botou Yaqi Casting Co., Ltd.

No. 85 Nancang Street, Botou City, Hebei Province, P. R. China

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  • Quality Control
  • Testing
    We exercise quality control in each stage of our production process. Before we even begin making iron castings, we inspect all of our incoming raw materials. Our quality control team does a chemical test and spectral analysis to track and ensure the material quality.

    After the heat treatment, we test each sample to check the mechanical properties of the sand castings by using a tensile testing machine, impact testing machine, and hardness testing machine. Afterwards, we keep the sample for six months and the results for one year. If needed, we will invite a third party to also test the material.Read more